Contracted (2013)

Contracted (2013)

Duration: 1h 24min | rama, Horror, Thriller |  Zaraza
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Shocker: Low
Tension: Low
Grose: High
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This horror movie is simply disgusting, hideous, sickening, nasty, grose or whatever another word you want to use for it. The story is not great but it is acceptable however if you are a fan of grose horror movies or just want to get disgusted this is a perfect movie for you.


During a rough period in her life, beautiful Samantha reluctantly decides to attend her best friend's party, and even though she still struggles with a previous addiction, she unwisely accepts a drink from a complete stranger. As a result, shortly after, hapless Samantha considerably inebriated, she will end up raped in the backseat of the malicious predator's car, however, from that point on, the terrible incident will be the least of her problems. Straight away and rather inexplicably, poor Samantha will begin noticing rapid and drastic organic changes in her body, and being unable to pinpoint the origin of the dramatic transformation, within the next 72 hours, she will embrace her gruesome and pitiless fate as well as the certainty that she is falling apart.

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