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[Rec] (2007)

Duration: 1h 18min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller |  Rec
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Shocker: Medium
Tension: high
Grose: Medium
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The terrifying found-footage zombie movie, which keeps you in suspense with its intense atmosphere and shock-filled moments. A very good shot movie which makes you feel you're right in the middle of the action.


The reporter Angela Vidal (Manuela Velasco) and her cameraman Pablo (Pablo Rosso) shoot an episode for the television documentary "While You're Sleeping" in Barcelona. They accompany a group of firefighters to a rescue operation in an apartment building in the city center. When they arrive there, they find a woman covered in blood, who bits a police officer. But when they wanted to take their injured colleague out of the building, the building was completely sealed off by the Spanish health authority and no one could get in or out. Nobody knew what was happening there until an official of the health organization came in with protective clothing to take blood samples from everyone present and to care for the injured. Suddenly the injured officials, who were in the next room, turns into aggressive and bloodthirsty beings and started to attack the bystanders. The official explains that this is an infection that makes people extremely aggressive and is transmitted by saliva. He also reports that this unknown infection was discovered in a dog at a veterinary clinic that attacked all other animals in the clinic. The dog was then anesthetized and put to sleep but could be traced back to this housing development via a chip in the ear, whereupon the health authority placed it in quarantine. The situation escalates and the struggle for survival begins.

Directors of [Rec] movie are Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza they also worked on all three other parts [Rec]² (2009), [Rec]³: Genesis (2012) and [REC] 4: Apocalypse (2014). The three writers of [Rec] are Jaume Balagueró, Luiso Berdejo, and Paco Plaza. [Rec] had won a total of 16 awards and was 12 times nominated. It won for example the Pegasus Audience Award in the category Best Film, the Goya award for the Best Editing and Best New Actress (Manuela Velasco who played the main character Angela), and so on.

Fun facts

• Did you know that the actress Manuela Velasco, who played the tv representer, Angela, is in real life a real tv representative in Spain?
• For this movie, no sets were built. It was shot in real locations.
• The building where the movie was shot is the Cedimatexsa building, Rambla gde Catalunya, 34 at the Eixample district in Barcelona. It is often visited by fans.
• An interesting fact is that the producers did not hand out the full script to the actors until the actual filming day. The idea behind that was to stress the actors out to have authentic shooting scenes.
• Did you know that the actors were not involved in the scene where the fireman falls from the stairs so that the reaction of the actors were as real as possible?
• [Rec] had only a small budget of only $2 million but grossed around $35.5 million worldwide.

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