Incident in a Ghostland (2018)

Incident in a Ghostland (2018)

Duration: 1h 31min | Drama, Horror, Mystery |  Ghostland
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Shocker: Medium
Tension: High
Grose: Medium
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If you read the title you might think that this movie is about ghosts and daemons but this isn't the case. It's more a psychological home-invasion thriller, which is about child abuse and reminds a bit of Martyrs. This movie is very loud and has some predictable jump scares which aren't really scary. It's the story and the dark atmosphere, that makes the whole thing very effective. The incident in a ghostland is definitely a creepy, entertaining and watchable movie.


Pauline (Mylène Farmer) and her two daughters Beth and Vera (Crystal Reed and Anastasia Phillips) move into their new house, which they inherit from her aunt. During their ride, Beth reads an article about a series of house invasions in which parents are murdered but daughters are spared. What they do not know is, that they are being followed by a mysterious candy truck. Shortly after the family moved into their new house, a big mentally disabled man (Rob Archer) and a man who is dressed like a woman (Kevin Power) break into their house, kill Pauline and abuse her two daughters and keep them imprisoned in the basement. Beth doesn't want to admit it and lives in her own fantasy world, while her sister Vera tries to bring her back into the real world. After she manages to bring her sister back to the normal world, Beth realizes what is happening and tries to escape with her sister from this horror.

The director of this movie is Pascal Laugier, who is also known for Martyrs (2008) and The Tall Man (2012).

Tags: Horror | Psychological

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