Marrowbone (2017)

Marrowbone (2017)

Duration: 1h 50min | Drama, Horror, Thriller |  Marrowbone
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Shocker: Low
Tension: Medium
Grose: Low
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From the beginning a very mysterious horror movie. It takes time until the movie builds up its tension but the drama is increasing from the first minute. There are only a few shockers, but the movie convinces with its story.


In 1968, Rose and her four children Jack (George MacKay), Jane (Mia Goth), Billy (Charlie Heaton) and Sam(Matthew Stagg) move from England to the Marrowbone Residence, which is her childhood home. However, Rose is not in a good shape and tells her son Jack (20), that if she dies, to hide this information until he turns 21 so he can legally care for his siblings. 6 months after the mother died, the family still live in the same house. They covered all mirrors in their house, to protect them from a ghost in the loft, which has been gone for several months. Everything seems to be fine. They make friends with a girl named Alice (Anya Taylor-Joy) and Jack is visiting the local town to finish all necessities. Alice works as a library employee and Jack slowly falls in love, while keeping his past from her. But not only Jack falls in love with her. Tom Porter (Kyle Soller), who is in charge of the Marrowbone estate, also got an eye for her. He informs Jack, that he will come to collect the 200 pounds fee and to finish the paperwork that transfers the ownership of the estate to Jack. But Jack and his siblings do not have any money, so they decided to pay with the cursed money from their father. In the meantime, Jane is faking the signature of their mother on the papers, concluding the transfer. After they have finished the paperwork, the siblings believe that the ghost returned because of the cursed money and if that was not enough, Tom starts to investigate against the family because he believes that the family has something to hide.

The director of this movie is Sergio G. Sanchez, who is also known for The Orphanage.

Tags: Psychological

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