The Visit (2015)

The Visit (2015)

Duration: 1h 34min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller |  Poseta
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Shocker: Medium
Tension: Medium
Grose: Medium
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The Visit belongs to the found footage category and is a really good blend between comedy and horror. At first, it seems to be more amusing than scary but then a lot of creepy things happen, which make it entertaining. It's definitely watchable and better than other low budget movies.


The single mother Loretta Jamisson (Kathryn Hahn) wants to make a cruise with her new boyfriend Miguel (Jorge Cordova). Therefore, her 15-year-old daughter Rebecca (Olivia DeJonge) and her 13-year-old son Tyler (Ed Oxenbould) accept the invitation of their grandparents Marja Bella and Fredrick Spencer (Deanna Dunagan and Peter McRobbie), to spend one week on their country. 15 years ago Loretta had a fight with her parents because of her boyfriend, who is the father of the two children, and left her home. She also had broken off the contact and did not respond to their contact attempts till now. The two kids do not really know their grandparents and to change that Rebecca decided to make a documentary about them, which should also help her mother to reconnect with her parents. After the kids arrived at the secluded farmhouse, they understood each other immediately. But soon the children have to find out that something is wrong with their grandparents after they have set up strange rules for them, such as to not leave their room after 9.30 pm. The kids start to break the rules and get to know a very different side of their grandparents with a dark secret.

The director of The Visit, M. Night Shyamalan, is also known for other good movies like The Village, Split or Sixth Sense.

Tags: Psychological

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