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Don't know which horror to watch? Forget about asking on social media or asking your friends. We have watched them all and we will bring only the best to you.

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You don't know which horror movie you should watch with your partner? You waste your time reading reviews and ratings on different forums that offer you thousands of movies that might be good, and in the meantime, your partner has fallen asleep?

I say to hell with that! Our Movie Advisor team will provide you with the best horror movies of all categories. Whether it's paranormal, slasher, splatter or monster. We will bring you only the best of it.
We supply you with the latest news from the horror genre and show you the most exciting upcoming horror movies in cinema and streaming platforms.

With our specific lists, you can find all types of horror movies which are attuned to you.
You need lots of movies for a party or a whole weekend? Just check out our horror marathon list.
Every movie we offer has next to the storyline a short review from us. This review should help you to find out if this movie is good for you or not. In addition to that, we will show you if your movie is available on popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Apple iTunes.