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Our mission is to help you find the best horror movie to watch.


We are a group of friends, our perfect hangout night is watching horror movies with a lot of snacks and tons of pizza. Over the years we have watched all of the big titles so when it comes to finding new good horror movies to watch, the process became harder and harder, suddenly finding the right movie became longer than watching a movie. Considering that we live in different countries now and it is pretty hard to find time to gather around for a movie night so it is crucial not to waste time searching the internet for the right movie. We found it very difficult to make a decision whether a movie is good or not because scrolling through long lists of movies with a lot of text where you can find a movie from the 50s next to a movie from last year or zombie movie next to demon possession movie is not sufficient. After many failed movie nights caused buy wrong movie choices we started preparing in advance, everyone does his own research and finds his candidate movie. The goal is to have a few movies that we know everything about: the genre, the subgenre, whether it is a good shocker or a tough tension, and then make an easier decision together. Then we got an idea since we already know most of the movies and we already have done the research, why don't we make a blog where we can use all our knowledge to help you find a right horror movie for your movie night. Here you can find horror movies divided into categories by subgenre, we wrote a small text about every movie with everything a friend would tell you if you asked him about it. Also, you can find our monthly pick, there are movie marathons for movies with three or more parts already put in order you should watch them in. We are adding new posts with our movie advice every week so check back to see what is new. Now all you need to do is pick your favorite horror category, find the best movie for you and enjoy it.

There are five categories, every category has its own description so you can decide which one you want to watch, and then in every category, you can find next to a movie poster the most important info about the movie. Clicking on a movie brings you to its own page where you can find all the relevant information. We have also made our system of rating movies in three categories so you can know if it is a shocker, a tension, or grose movie with three ratings: Low, Medium, or high. These ratings do not tell you the quality of the movie but the type and the way it frightens you. You can simply click on a streaming platform logo to start watching it immediately.

Thank you for your trust for letting us help you make the right decision.

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