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Contracted (2013)

Duration: 1h 24min | Drama, Horror, Thriller |  Zaraza
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Shocker: Low
Tension: Low
Grose: High
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This horror movie is simply disgusting, hideous, sickening, nasty, grose or whatever another word you want to use for it. The story is not great but it is acceptable however if you are a fan of grose horror movies or just want to get disgusted this is a perfect movie for you.


A morgue worker BJ (Simon Barrett) had sex with a corpse marked with a biohazard symbol. Same night Samantha (Najarra Townsend), who recently broke up with her girlfriend Nikki (Katie Stegeman), is at a house party hosted by her friend Alice (Alice Macdonald), heavily drunk in combination with drugs she became an easy target for BJ who took her to his car and raped her. The next morning Samantha wasn't feeling well but she thought it was just a hangover after the party. Later, Alice told her that police are looking for BJ and that she doesn't know him. The situation started getting only worse from there, first, she couldn't eat than her head was exploding on any noise, she was heavily bleeding from her vagina so she decided to go see her doctor. The doctor told her that she has contracted a sexually transmitted disease from having sex, with a man which she doesn't remember, because of a rush that she had. Her symptoms are getting worse, her eyes turned bloodshot, her hair was falling off and also her fingernails. After visiting her doctor again he advises her to avoid contact with other people until tests are done to determine the nature of her disease. Loosing her sanity she seduced Riley (Matt Mercer) a man who had a crush on her and wanted to sleep with him, when he saw maggots falling out of her vagina he runs away. As Samantha drives she fainted and had a car accident. Samantha went out of the wrecked car as a zombie and attacked her mother who begged the police not to shoot her.

Contracted (2013) movie was directed by Eric England who also wrote the story.

Fun facts

• Did you notice that at the beginning of the movie you can see the corpse breathing inside the body bag?
• In the middle of the movie, you can see how Nicki's iris changes its color. In one scene her left iris is white and in the next one it is suddenly red. After that, it changes back to white.
• The movie was shot within 15 days in Los Angeles.
• It was hard to find good actors for this movie due to the limited budget.
• This movie grossed $58,221 worldwide.
• There is a sequel to this movie called Contracted: Phase II released in 2015 and there could also be a third part which is in the process by Craig Walendziak.

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