Wounds (2019)

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Wounds (2019)

Duration: 1h 35min | Drama, Horror, Mystery |  Wounds
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Shocker: Low
Tension: Medium
Grose: High
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Wounds is a disturbing body horror movie with scenes that can be very disgusting. This movie can be exciting at some points but it seemed like that a lot of moments result in nothing. The actors were good but all in all this movie is without a real touching contend. We would only recommend this movie if you like to watch disgusting and disturbing scenes.


The bartender Will (Armie Hammer), shares with his girlfriend Carrie (Dakota Johnson) a house in New Orleans. One night, when Will was at work a group of kids, Alice (Zazie Beetz) and her boyfriend Jeffrey (Karl Glusman) and Eric (Brad William Henke) entered the bar and started to fight. After one of them has stabbed Eric in the cheek with a broken bottle, the kids fled the bar in panic. Will realizes that one of them has lost his mobile phone and takes it. When Will got home he inspects the phone and receives messages from a stranger named Garrett (Alexander Biglane) who says that he is being followed by something from the "tunnel". The next day, Will receives more and more disturbing photos from Garrett. He visits Eric to check on him and learns that his wound has become infected and that he is suffering from nightmares. After Will returns home he does not notice that one of the kids is following him. Carrie finds the footage on Will's phone and forces him to go to the police. On the way there, he notices that he is being followed by one of the kids again and receives a message from another member of the group, who claims that he "has been chosen". Will starts to hallucinate and throw his phone out of the car where one of the kids picks it up, so he can not go to the police. On the same night, Will awakens and finds Garrett in his house throwing up a pile of teeth and claiming that he and his friends summoned something that possessed them. Now will has brought something into his own house and has to fight against something he can not see.

Babak Anvari has directed this movie, he also worked on Under the Shadow (2016) and Two & Two (2011).

Fun facts

• Did you know that the movie is based on the novel "The Visible Filth" written by Nathan Ballingrud.
• This movie has a lot of actors who acted in different famous movies listed below:
• Armie Hammer and Dakota Johnson are both known from the film The Social Network from 2010.
• Dakota Johnson played the main role in the trilogy "The fifty Shades of Gray".
• Zazie Beetz played the role of Domino in "Deadpool 2" from 2018 and Sophie Dumond in "Joker" from 2019.
• Brad William Henke played uncle John in "Split" from 2016 and Bram in the Tv Series "Lost" from 2009-2010.

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