The First Purge (2018)

The First Purge(2018)-
The First Purge (2018)

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The last part shows how the purge started. The movie starts slowly and explained the development of the purge in order to be more than just a typical slasher movie. The tension rises from act to act especially in the last one. It is interesting to watch and to understand the whole movie.


To keep the crime rate below one percent for the rest of the year, the New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA) is testing a sociological theory, where every crime including murder is legal. They offer every resident 5000$, who wants to participate in the purge. Everyone who participates is equipped with cameras so that they can be observed during the purge and do not try to leave the test area. Drug boss Dmitri (Y'lan Noel) cannot leave Staten Island because it would be too conspicuous to take all the products and all the money with him. So he decides to hide with his soldiers in a safe house in lay low. One of his dealers Capital A (Christian Robinson) opposes him and goes out to purge. To take over Dmitri's business, Capital A sends two prostitutes to Dmitri to kill him. When the attempted murder fails, a real war starts to break out.

This is the first part of the The Purge Series where James DeMonaco is not the director but only the writer. For The First Purge, James Gerard McMurray is taking control, which is maybe his biggest project so far. The First Purge is also the only part of the series which was not nominated a single time.

Fun facts

• Did you know that the actor Rotimi Paul, who played the Skeleton in this movie, went with his costume and makeup to his audition by the public subway?
• Have you noticed that you can not find any character from the previous The Purge parts?
• During the movie, you can find the movie poster in Isaiah's room, the guy who is played by Joivan Wade, for the Halloween movie from 2018. The funny thing is, that the Blumhouse Production Company is behind The First Purge and the Halloween movie.
• The actor Frank Grilo, who played Sergeant Leo Barnes in the first three parts of The Purge series, said that he would only return for a new The Purge part if the script is very good and if James DeMonaco will work on this movie.
• In this movie over 130 people were killed with an average of 45 seconds per kill.
• The First Purge had a budget of $13 million and grossed about $137 million worldwide.

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