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Annabelle (2014)

Duration: 1h 39min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller |  Anabel
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Shocker: Medium
Tension: Medium
Grose: Low
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A very controversial horror movie. Annabelle has a few good shockers but you can't compare the tension and the jump scares with The Conjuring. It's still enjoyable to watch for a horror evening.


The movie opens with the same opening scene as The Conjuring (2013). Two women and a man are talking to Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) about strange things happening in their home that are tied to a doll they believe is haunted. The doll is already known and its name is Annabelle. A year earlier, in 1970. John and Mia Gordon (Ward Horton and Annabelle Wallis) leave together, they are expecting a baby. As a gift John gives Mia a doll that she wanted forever. At night in the house next door, there is an attack which wakes Mia up and she tells John to go check. John runs out of that house covered in his neighbor's blood jelling at Mia to call 911. Mia calls the police and as she is heading out she hears a man telling her he likes her dolls. She freezes frightened, and a man covered in blood comes out of the closet and stabs her. John runs in and fights the intruder trying to save Mia, while a woman also attacks them. Police arrive on the scene and shoot the intruder as the woman helping him kills herself in another room holding Mia's new doll. Next to her dead body she left a symbol on the wall drawn in blood. The blood falls on the doll's face and it absorbs it through the eye. Mia and the baby survive but she has to stay in bad. Later on the news they learn that their attackers were a part of a satanic cult. Because of everything that happened Mia and John decide to throw the doll away, so John brings it out and dumps it to the bin. A few days later Mia is all alone sewing and watching TV. In the kitchen, the stove turns on by itself, Mia cuts herself on a sewing machine and while cleaning the wound she notices the smoke and fire. Trying to get out she trips and falls on her stomach. Crawling out an invisible force drags her back in, and a group of men who saw the fire ran in and rescue her. When John came to find her she is unharmed and she gave birth to a girl Lea. Because of everything that happened in their house, the family decides to move to a new apartment. Unpacking boxes in their new apartment Mia finds the doll they thrown away (known to us as Annabelle) but she just puts her on one of the shelves. As we can expect, more disturbing and strange activities continue to occur in their new apartment too. and as the entity possessing the doll becomes stronger, incidents around Mia and her baby girl are more prominent and frequent. Will Mia and John succeed to survive this demonic haunting and more importantly will they be able to protect their newborn daughter.

Annabelle's movie was directed by John R. Leonetti who was born on July 4, 1956, in California, USA. He also worked on The Conjuring (2013), Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) and many more good movies. Annabelle (2014) is a prequel to The Conjuring (2013) and a second movie in The Conjuring Universe franchise. The movie received mostly negative critics reviews, but mainly because it was inferior to its predecessor. Regardless of the reviews Annabelle (2014) was a real success in a box office department, grossing over $257 million with "only" $6.5 million production budget.

Fun facts

• Did you know that the baby mobile above the crib plays the same song as the music box from The Conjuring (2013)?
• The scene from the elevator was directed by James Wan.
• coincidence or not Annabelle is also the name of the actress playing Mia.
• The director John R. Leonetti also worked as a cinematographer for Child's Play 3 (1991), another movie about evil doll killing people, named Chucky.

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