The Conjuring 2 (2016)

TheConjuring 2(2016) -

The Conjuring 2 (2016)

Duration: 2h 14min | Drama, Horror, Mystery |  Prizivanje zla 2
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Shocker: High
Tension: High
Grose: Low
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This is a very good addition to the Conjuring universe horror movies, very good tension keeping horror with a lot of pretty scary shocker scenes that look really professional which you should expect from James Wan creator of some of the best horror movies. It is a bit longer than The Conjuring and more intense.


It is 1979. The Hodgson family including Janet Hodgson (Madison Wolfe), her older sister Margaret (Lauren Esposito), younger brothers Johnny (Patrick McAuley), and Billy (Benjamin Haigh), and their single mother Peggy (Frances O'Connor), live in Enfield, England. Janet and Margaret are sharing the room, at night Janet talks to herself, Margaret thinks that she is fooling around but when she starts talking with older man's raspy voice that claims "This is my house!", Margaret stands up to check what is happening and as she stands next to Janets bad she hears the same voice behind her back repeating the same thing. Margaret jumps scared, turns on the light but no one stands behind her. Shocked she decides to sleep with lights on. The next night Janet ties herself to the bed, but she still ends up on the floor of the living room with no idea how she ended up down there. While Billy walks around the house at night he sees the toy track on the floor so he rolls it back to his tent in a hallway, a few moments later a truck rolls to his room by itself. Billy rolls the truck back to the tent, and at that moment a booming groan comes from the tent. Margaret hears some strange knocks on her door but after opening them she finds no one, and Janet denies that she was knocking. After this intense night, during the day Janet watches the TV, at some point the channels started to change on their own. When Janet tries to find the remote it is missing so she goes looking for it, and founds it on the chair behind. A ghost of an older man emerges from the chair and screams "MY HOUSE!". Back in the US, Ed is painting a picture of something he saw in his dream. It is the same demonic-looking nun that Lorraine sees in her visions. After a few more incidents at Hodgson's house and police visit one night, people became aware of these paranormal events. Because the whole story went public, several paranormal investigators got involved. After everyone failed to help the family the priest comes to Warrens and asks them for help. Lorraine hesitates, because of the visions she has of Ed's death. But Ed thinks that it is a sign that they have to help the family and prevent her visions. After their arrival in Enfield and meeting the Hodgson's Ed and Lorraine investigate the house. Now they have to prove to the church that it is not a hoax and to ask them for help. A struggle for the lives and souls of everyone involved in this haunting is only starting as this intense story goes buy.

The Conjuring 2 (2016) is based on a true story of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Director is James Wan, the horror genius. He also worked on Annabelle: Creation (2017), The Nun (2018) and many more good horro movies. This is a part of The Conjuring Universe franchise. The movie got awarded on Golden Trailer Awards festival with "Best Horror TV Spot" and was nominated for "Best Horror".

Fun facts

• Did you know that one part of the real-life story that was now included in the movie was that children's toys were thrown around and were too hot to touch?
• The song that the spirit of Bill Wilkins is whistling is the folk song "This Old Man" or "Children's Marching Song".
• The remaining members of the real-life Hodgson family came to visit the set.

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