The Conjuring (2013)

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The Conjuring (2013)

Duration: 1h 52min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller |  Prizivanje zla
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Shocker: High
Tension: High
Grose: Low
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A perfect blend of a shocker and high tension horror movie. It keeps high tension for the entire movie and whenever you think that there is going to be a shock scene you get a cold shower and than when you least expect you will be shocked.


In 1971, the Perron family moves into a Rhode Island farmhouse, with their five daughters. On the first day of their arrival everything seems fine, move-in goes smoothly and everyone seems happy about the new home. Only the dog is not really delighted about a new house, he refuses to come in and keeps barking all day. while playing the game of hide-and-clap, one of the daughters finds an entrance to the cellar hidden behind the wall. Roger (Ron Livingston) inspects the cellar and after he makes sure that it is empty they go to sleep. That night Carolyn (Lili Taylor) is concerned because the dog won't stop barking. One of the daughters feels someone/something pulling her feet while sleeping. After not easy first night, the morning is not any easier too, Carolyn finds out that some mysterious bruises appeared on her body, but also one of the daughters finds their dog dead. The next couple of days were only worse, various paranormal activities occur, doors open and close by themselves, and Carolyn while staying alone at home hears strange claps in the house. During the night the daughter Cindy (Mackenzie Foy) sleepwalks around the house and always ends up in the eldest daughter's bedroom, where she bangs her head against an old wardrobe. The family tries to ignore this event until the oldest daughter gets attacked in her room by a spirit. Carolyn finds Ed and Lorraine Warren and asks them for help. The moment Lorraine steps into the house she senses an evil presence. After the initial investigation, they decide that they should get involved. Ed and Lorraine explain to the family that their house may need an exorcism but that requires additional evidence and authorization from the Catholic Church. While researching the history of the house, Warrens find out that the original owner of the house was accused witch named Bathsheba. Bathsheba's husband caught her sacrificing their one-week-old child, she runs out of the house, climbed to the tree near the house and cursed the land so everyone who would try to take her land would die. After cursing the land she proclaimed her love for Satan and committed suicide by hanging. After this event, the reports are full of murders and suicides committed in the houses built on the land ever since. Things get only worse and worse from here on out and the fight for lives and souls is only beginning.

The Conjuring (2013) movie is based on a true story of real-life Ed and Lorraine Warren paranormal investigators who worked on prominent cases of haunting. The movie is directed by James Wan, the horror genius. He also worked on Annabelle (2014), Lights Out (2016) and many more good movies. The Conjuring (2013) won many awards, some of them are Empire Awards - Best Horror, Fangoria Chainsaw Awards - Best Supporting Actress (Lili Taylor) & Best Wide Release Film, Saturn Awards - Best Horror Film and many more nominations and awards. The Conjuring (2013) is the first and inaugural movie in The Conjuring Universe franchise.

Fun facts

• Did you know that Before the Perron family moved into the house there were eight generations of families who lived and died in the house?
• The real Perron family came to visit the movie set.
• When Perron's came to visit The mother claimed that she feels the same dark evil presence. After that, she tripped and got injured, which put her in the hospital.
• While the Hayes brothers and Lorraine Warren were talking on the phone about the movie they were constantly interrupted by weird sounds and a lot of static. Then, suddenly the line would go dead.
• The Conjuring was intended to be called "The Warren Files".

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