The Platform (2019)

The Platform (2019)-

The Platform (2019)

Duration: 1h 34min | Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller |  The Platform
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Shocker: Low
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Grose: Medium
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Good, interesting and refreshing! The Platform is not a typical horror movie but more a combination of science-fiction, thriller, and horror. The whole film is mysterious and exciting from the beginning, so there is no boring and lengthy introduction! However, it could be perceived as a disadvantage that the film plays only in different cells, but that is what the story is about and makes it even more enjoyable! We highly recommend you to watch it!


Goreng (Ivan Massagué) wakes up in a mysterious room with the number 46 on the wall. The room looks like a normal prison cell with two beds for two inmates, a toilet, a sink, and a curious whole in the middle of it. But it is not like a normal prison, the platform is something special. Every inmate has the possibility to take one thing, no matter what, inside the platform. Moreover, there are a total of 333 floors. On the top level 0 the cooks cover a huge plate with a lot of food. Then the plate starts to travel from one floor to another and stays for an amount of time. During this time, the inmates have the possibility to eat so much as they want to. BUT, if someone tries to keep some food as a supply from the plate, the cell becomes unbearably warm or cold until they discard what was retained through the hole. According to the administration, there is theoretically enough food for everyone if everyone only took what they need. but this is only the theory. Practically the higher levels fill their stomachs while the lower levels only get what's left. The middle levels are left with nibbled remnants, much deeper levels only bones and empty serving plates. After one month the inmates are getting numbed with anesthetic gas and wake up on a different floor. If you wake up several times in one of the deeper levels the fight for survival begins. Goreng tries to understand the circumstances and to find a solution to get out of the platform.

The director of the film is Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, who is rather unknown in the director business. The Platform is his best work so far. The writers are Pedro Rivero and David Desolo, who is also the writer of El practicante. This film was nominated a total of 16 times and won 12 awards of its nominations in 2019-2020. It won the European Film Award in the category European Visual Effects Supervisor, the Gaudí Award for the Best Visual Effects, and was also nominated for the ASECAN Award for the Best Spanish Film.

Fun facts

• Did you know that the two prisoners that are sitting naked in the bathtub are the writers Pedro Rivero and David Desolo?
• Have you noticed that the platform has 333 cells and that every cell consists of 2 prisoners? That means that the prison has a total number of 666 prisoners, which is also the number of hell!
• Let's go back to the last cell which is cell 333. The number 333 stands for the 333 answered prayers which is a message from a guardian angel or an ascended master.
• The Platform is a low-budget movie and grossed about $1 million worldwide.

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