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Us (2019)

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Shocker: Low
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This movie is a mix of a mysterious horror thriller and a little bit of a slasher. It has almost no jump scares but the plenty of blood, the atmosphere and the never ending high tension make this movie very terrifying. The story is a bit strange but it's definitely something new. All in all it seems like a mixture of Get out, The strangers and it follows and is highly recommended to watch!


In 1986, Ada Thomas (Lupita Nyong'o) and her family visited an amusement park in Santa Cruz. When she is left unattended, she runs to the beach and discovers a labyrinth of mirrors there. She goes in and meets another girl who looks exactly like herself. When she returns to her parents, she no longer speaks a word and is like a replacement. 30 years later, Ada seems to be normal and is married to Gabe Wilson (Winston Duke). They drive with their two children Zora and Jason (Shahadi Wright Joseph and Evan Alex) to the vacation home where Ada spent her childhood vacation. They met with a friend of theirs at the same place where Ada's trauma started. Later that evening, the family is being visited by a strange family, who looks exactly the same like them, who tries to kill Ada and her family.

The director and writer of Us (2019) movie is Jordan Peele, who also worked on Get Out. He was also an actor and you can see him in many tv series like Fargo where he played FBI Agent Budge, The Twilight Zone where he is the narrator and also Jordan Peele and much more. This is his second movie as a director and is like his first movie Get Out and absolutely masterpiece. Us was nominated a total of 110 times and won 75 awards of its nominations. It won the Saturn Award for the Best Director, the Critics Choice Award for the Best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie, and many more. Moreover, the actress Lupita Nyong'o, who played Adelaide Wilson and Red, won many awards in the category for Best Film Actress.

Fun facts

• Did you know that the director Jordan Peele gave his cast the task to watch 11 horror movies so that they would have a shared language when filming?
• Have you noticed that the movie has similarities with The Lost Boy from 1987? There were also several scenes on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Moreover, there is a scene where Anna Diop, who played Rayne Thomas / Eartha, says "You know, they're shooting a movie over there by the carousel.", which refers to The Lost Boy.
• Jordan Peele gave his voice the fun house narrator during the movie.
• The movie had a budget of $20 million and grossed about $255 million worldwide.

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