After The Strangers and Martyrs! A successor might be on its way, “The Retreat” has the potential to be the next slasher hit!

You like horror movies like You’re Next, The Strangers, Saw, or Martyrs? You love the adrenalin, the tension, and the mystery? Then ATTENTION Slasher fans! The Retreat is coming and combines all of the things just mentioned. This movie could be the next horror slasher hit movie from Canada you definitely should not miss!

A lesbian couple is going on a pre-wedding vacation into a cabin in the woods. When they got there, they were supposed to meet their friends. Instead, they came across a group of creepy militant extremists, who are trying to kill them. The struggle for life and death begins!
The director of the movie Pat Mills and the writer Alyson Richards are both not well known for some big projects but The Retreat could change everything. We’d give the film a chance because the trailer looks very promising, but that doesn’t have to mean anything. The film will be released on May 21, 2021.

Convince yourself! You can find the trailer right here below.

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