The Blind Man from Don’t Breath returns in Don’t Breath 2

With the return of The Blind Man, we are expecting to find out which new secrets is he hiding in the sequel of Don’t Breath from 2016. Could this be the next hit horror movie this year, along with The Conjuring 3? Five years after the first part, which was a great success and a really good horror movie, the sequel of Don’t Breath is coming on August 13, 2021!

We do not know exactly what the movie is about, but what we know so far is that the sequel is set a few years after the first part, where The Blind Man (Stephen Lang) lives in a secluded hut and raised a little girl who was orphaned in a forest fire. But suddenly his past catches up with him…
The director of Don’t Breath 2 is again Rodo Sayagues, who also worked on the first part of Dont Breath (2016), Evil Dead (2013), and the upcoming sequel of the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre which could also appear this year. Moreover, the writer Fede Alvarez is back again, who also worked on the same projects with Rodo Sayagues.
After the success of the first part, there are of course high expectations for the successor. But if Don’t Breath 2 even comes close to the tension of the first part, the sequel could be very promising and we could experience a real horror spectacle. However, we should first wait for the trailer and more detailed information before we leave any big expectations because we have all certainly once placed false hopes in a successor.

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Source: USA Today

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